3 attitudes representative of egocentric people

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    3 attitudes of egocentric people

    You probably have people around you who you think are egocentric. But what are the signs that really show that a person has this character trait? Here are three, easy to spot.

    At a time when we encourage caring relationships and avoiding toxic ones, it can be useful to know how to recognize an egocentric personality. Indeed, their behavior is often a source of tension and frustration, so here are three unmistakable signs that are useful to know.

    She speaks while monopolizing the conversation

    An egocentric person can be easily spotted by the way they interact with you. Does she listen to you talk? Does she ask you how you are? If the answer is no, that’s a bad sign. Indeed, an egocentric person tends to monopolize the conversation, in a sort of monologue. Without even responding to the intervention of others or trying to find out how they feel or what they want to say. This inability to listen is the first sign that reveals a self-centered personality.

    She constantly brings the conversation back to herself

    A self-centered person needs to talk about themselves, even if you try to talk about something else. Do you tell him it’s raining? This is the perfect opportunity to talk about your blow dry. Is your child sick? She actually has an appointment with the pediatrician next week. Whatever the subject, she will have a comment that relates to her. At the same time, these people often try to impose their opinion and lead the group in their own way.

    Good in his body, good in his head!

    She lacks empathy

    Finally, an egocentric person sees the world revolve around themselves, so it is difficult to ask them to show empathy. She will have difficulty putting herself in other people’s shoes and imagining what another person might experience or endure.

    However, this is not what emerges from her at first glance. This is why detecting an egocentric personality can take time. These are all of the signs mentioned above which (sometimes) allow this type of personality to be unmasked. It is then up to you to set healthy limits in the relationship, so as not to let yourself be invaded.

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