25 years later, Salma Hayek reproduces this photo in a swimsuit and it is still just as sublime

25 years later Salma Hayek reproduces this photo in a

Salma Hayek panicked social networks by posting a before and after in a swimsuit. Discover the result.

As the countdown to vacation has begun, Salma Hayek already seems to be enjoying the sun. Indeed, the actress once again set Internet users in excitement this Friday, June 7, by sharing photos in a swimsuit on her Instagram account. And not just any old ones since they are both 25 years apart.

Salma Hayek poses in a swimsuit, at 32 then at 57

In the first image, we see Salma Hayek dressed only in a brown bikini, her body more toned than ever, for a H&M campaign carried out in 1999. Then, she introduces the next photo with an arrow and the phrase “Nearly two decades later”. In the following photo, she appears in the same position on the diving board of a swimming pool with a brown one-piece model which reveals her dream figure. Straw hat and sunglasses on her nose, the wife of François-Henri Pinault reproduces the first photo in detail and writes in the caption “Some poses never go out of style“. Result? The publication received over 400,000 likes at the time of writing, and many compliments from Salma Hayek fans. “Salma Hayek should only drink wine because she gets better with age“, “Still as beautiful as the first day“, “You don’t get older, you just get more and more beautiful…“, we can read under the photos.

© salmahayek Instagram
© salmahayek Instagram

Salma Hayek’s slimming secrets

Whether in the photo dating from 1999 or in the one taken 25 years later, Salma Hayek still looks stunning. And to display a dream body as she approaches sixty, there is no question for the star of spending hours in the gym. She prefers practice yoga and dance quite regularly.

But its anti-aging secret is above all meditation. “Sometimes when I do it, people say to me when I leave the room: ‘Oh my God! You look like you’re 20 years old’… And when I don’t meditate for a while, guess what? Not only does my face start to sag, but everything starts to deteriorate. My herniated disc, my neck, hip and ankle problems are coming back” declared the Latin American in a podcast.