21-year-old in Sundsvall gets eleven years in prison after raid

A total of 24 people, the youngest of whom were born in 2007, have been indicted for having been involved in various ways in extensive crime linked to the gang war in Sundsvall.

The ringleader, a 21-year-old man, was charged with nine counts. It was about, among other things, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and serious drug offences. When the roughly two-month trial ended in October, prosecutor Henrik Wallin demanded a life sentence for the 21-year-old.

Sentence: Eleven years in prison

Wallin states that the background is a conflict between the so-called Foxtrot and Dalen networks based in Stockholm. The 21-year-old is said to have left the local branch of the Dalen network in Sundsvall to join Foxtrot instead – which was the start of the conflict.

During Wednesday afternoon it was announced the judgment. The 21-year-old is sentenced to eleven years in prison.

According to the verdict, four people are acquitted, which means that a total of 20 people are sentenced. The penalties range from youth care to eleven years in prison.

The people sentenced are linked, among other things, to a shooting in Bosvedjan at the beginning of December 2022 and failed explosions in Nacksta at the end of January.

At the end of January, the police raided several addresses in Sundsvall. About 15 people were arrested. The police have previously stated that they managed to prevent several acts of violence, including murder, through the raid.

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Facts: Conflict between Foxtrot and Dalen

A large part of the shootings and explosions that took place in the Stockholm region during especially the first half of 2023 are linked by the police to a conflict between the so-called Foxtrot and Dalen networks.

The conflict is rooted in competition for drug markets between the networks, both of which operate large-scale drug operations in neighboring areas and want to expand. The conflict has mainly concerned claims on the drug market in Stockholm and Sundsvall. In addition, according to the police, the conflict is driven by a desire to avenge previous acts of violence.

The conflict intensified at the end of 2022 and, until April this year, had resulted in around 40 acts of violence, including murders, attempted murders and explosions. These have mainly taken place in Stockholm, but also in Sundsvall and Uppsala.

Source: PM about conflict description from the police