2026 World Qualifiers: Morocco enters the fray tomorrow in Tanzania

2026 World Qualifiers Morocco enters the fray tomorrow in Tanzania

International Football Radio at 4:10 p.m.-9:10 p.m. UT with, on the program this Monday: – The rest of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers on the African continent; – Qualifiers and injuries on all continents; – 300 goals scored by Kylian Mbappé before he turned 25.

– The rest of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers on the African continent. The DRC does not transform the test. 4 days after their success against Mauritania, the Leopards suffered a narrow defeat against Sudan in Libya, a match lost by a twist of fate. – Syli to confirm. After a success (at the very end of the match) over Uganda in Berkane, Guinea, which is in the Algerian group, is aiming for 3 additional points against Botswana. – A success would not hurt the Burkinabè either on Tuesday (November 21, 2023). After a draw (1-1) against Mama Baldé’s Djurtus, the Stallions, still in Morocco, will face Ethiopia. – Morocco’s entry into the running. Exempted from the 1st round, due to lack of opponent, will the ½ finalists of the last World Cup succeed in their entry into Dar-es-Salaam against the Taifa Stars? 2 teams who will meet at the Ivorian CAN!

– Playoffs and injuries. On the European, American and African continents, the truce has already caused damage. Onana with the Indomitable Lions, Slimani and Mandi with the Algerian Greens. Among the Blues, Camavinga and Zaire-Emery, scorer against Gibraltar, and released after ¼ hour of play. Season over for Gavi. Will the Barça midfielder be ready for the Euro in June? A number of injuries which raises questions, even though a third of the championships have been contested. The fault of the overloaded schedule?

– 300 goals in a career, a total reached by Kylian Mbappé before he turned 25. It’s better than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at this age, except that at 25, the latter had already won one, or even several Ballons d’Or, and won the Champions League. Despite his impressive statistics, the kid from Bondy has not yet lifted these trophies. Is he following in the footsteps of the greatest contemporary footballers?

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