2025-focused electric compact SUV Skoda Epiq introduced

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Electric compact SUV today Skoda Epiq was showcased. The vehicle has already been introduced, but it will only be released in to do.

At this stage, only previews Skoda Epiq, It draws attention especially with its “different” rounded front face, but since the debut will be made in 2025, there is a possibility of serious changes in the final design. Within the scope of official promotion 25 thousand euros The 4.1-meter-long all-electric model, with a price target announced at the level of It will bring a range of over 400 km. According to the statement, no information has yet been shared about performance for the model, which will be put into production directly at the Volkswagen factory in Spain in 2025. It was stated that it will be built only on the new MEB Entry platform and will not offer four-wheel drive. Epiq, For now, we are presented with the concept cockpit and two different screens are brought together in the middle. The vehicle, whose digital instrument cluster is quite small so that it can be seen from inside the steering wheel, has a large central touch screen, as used in other vehicles in the Volkswagen group. The cockpit area of ​​the model, whose steering wheel resembles a Duster at first glance, will most likely be like this in the production version because an excessively ethereal structure has not been adopted.