2024 Will Be the Release Year for Skull and Bones, How Much Will the Game Price?

2024 Will Be the Release Year for Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones, which Ubisoft described as “AAAA” and spent 200 million dollars to develop, is making a sensational debut. This game, which has been developed since 2013 and whose release has been postponed 6 times in total, is finally meeting the players. It is currently in beta version and game lovers can try it for free. 2024 release year for Skull and Bones It will happen, so how much will the game be sold for? Highlights about Skull and Bones, which made a great impact on the gaming industry…

2024 Will Be the Release Year for Skull and Bones!

Skull and Bones is finally out. Between 8 – 11 February free beta version The game can now be tried for free. This major service-oriented production will be broadcast on February 16. This giant production, developed and published by Ubisoft, is defined as a AAAA game by the company. Skull and Bones, an open world game, is in the action adventure game category. Piracy and naval warfare The subject of the production is designed in multiplayer mode.

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The release of the game, whose development phase has been ongoing since 2013 and was introduced at E3 in 2017, has been postponed many times. Having gone through a difficult development phase, the total The game was postponed 6 times While wondering if it has turned into a snake story, he finally meets the player. The beta version is currently available free of charge for those who want to try it. Its sale will start on February 16.

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How Much Is Skull and Bones Price?

at AAAA level The sales price of Skull and Bones, which is described as a game, was determined by Ubisoft as 70 dollars (for console). According to many people, this fee is quite high for a game, but Ubisoft argues that this price is normal because it sees its game as a top-tier production.

Recently Ubisoft He received a question about the production in question at the conference he held regarding financial reports. The company’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, was asked whether this service-oriented game was worth $70. Guillemot spent 200 million dollars AAAA level He declared that this price was normal for a game.

While the developer and publisher company, Ubisoft, determined the price of the game, Activision Blizzard’s ARPG Diablo 4 may have taken its construction into consideration. Diablo 4, which is described as one of the high-end games and contains service content, was on sale for $ 70.

The game earned more than 665 million in revenue in just 5 days. However, there is an important difference between these two games, which is that Diablo 4 already has a gaming audience. Skull and Bones new it doesn’t have a game and an audience; Although this is a disadvantage, the fact that the game is a Ubisoft production and the possibility of attracting game lovers with its beta version can also be considered an advantage.

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Skull and Bones will be on sale on February 16 with a price tag of $70!

The AAAA qualification can sometimes explode, but let’s see how Ubisoft’s new production will progress. In this context, we can give the game The Callisto Protocol as a bad example. A Dead Space style horror game The Callisto Protocol It was described as a AAAA game before it was released, but things did not go as expected. The developer company experienced a disappointment in this game and the game did not reach sufficient sales figures, but we hope that this will not be the case with Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones February 16, 2024 It will be available for sale with a price tag of $70. Of course, this is the console price, while the PC version will be sold for $ 60. Additionally, those who want to play the game three days early can pre-order the Premium version for $100.

Skull and Bones Türkiye price It varies depending on the platform and in this context, it is 1,450 TL for Xbox, approximately 1880 TL for PlayStation 5 and approximately 1000 TL for Epic Games.