2023 Women’s World Handball Championships: Les Bleues qualified for the main round, schedule and rankings

2023 Womens World Handball Championships Les Bleues qualified for the

After their victory against Iceland and before the match against Slovenia this evening, the Blue qualified for the main round.

After a timid victory against Angola at the opening of the Women’s World Cup last week, the Blues reassured themselves this weekend by signing a convincing victory against the Icelanders, qualifying them for the main round of this world championship. Facing Slovenia this Monday, the Blues will have to win to stock up on points and start the main round in the best possible way to try to reach the quarter-finals.

We are now qualified for the second round, but being tied with Slovenia, Monday’s match will be very important. To put it simply, the team that wins will start with four points and will have an option for the quarter-finals, it will be much more complicated for the loser.summarized Olivier Krumbholz after the success against Iceland.

The schedule for the French handball team in this World Cup:

  • France – Angola : Thursday November 30, 2023, 8:30 p.m.
  • Iceland – France : Saturday December 2, 2023, 6 p.m.
  • France – Slovenia : Monday December 4, 2023, 9 p.m.

Ranking of the preliminary round groups:

Group A

  • Sweden: 4 points
  • Croatia: 3 points
  • Senegal: 1 point
  • China: 0 points

Group B

  • Montenegro: 4 points
  • Hungary: 4 points
  • Cameroon: 0 points
  • Paraguay: 0 points

Group C

  • Norway: 6 points
  • Austria: 4 points
  • South Korea: 2 points
  • Greenland: 0 points

Group D

  • France: 4 points
  • Slovenia: 4 points
  • Angola: 0 points
  • Iceland: 0 points

Group E

  • Denmark: 4 points
  • Romania: 4 points
  • Serbia: 0 points
  • Chile: 0 points

Group F

  • Germany: 4 points
  • Poland: 4 points
  • Japan: 0 points
  • Iran: 0 points

Group G

  • Spain: 6 points
  • Brazil: 4 points
  • Ukraine: 2 points
  • Kazakhstan: 0 points

Group H

  • Netherlands: 4 points
  • Czech Republic: 4 points
  • Argentina: 0 points
  • Congo: 0 points

When will the World Handball Championships take place?

THE world handball championship takes place from November 29 to December 17, 2023.

Which countries are organizing the 2023 Worlds?

For these world championships, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have been designated as the organizers of the competition.

On which channel to watch the Women’s Handball World Championships?

The competition will be broadcast on the beIN Sports group channels, which will broadcast all the matches of the French team and a selection of the best posters. The TMC channel will also broadcast all Les Bleues matches in unencrypted form.