2023 shipment target for Samsung on the phone side revealed

2023 shipment target for Samsung on the phone side revealed

South Korea based technology SamsungTo reach a phone shipment level below expectations in 2023. is aiming.

Samsung, According to news from South Korea 2023 total year 270 million smartphone shipments He wants to end with As it will be in 2022, the company will be the leader in terms of shipment in 2023 as well, but it will not break its own record. Because the company completed the year 2017. It closed with 320 million smartphone shipments.. Behind the relatively low target for 2023, the negative economic picture after Covid-19, stronger rivals, post-invasion Russia There are details such as exiting the market and inflation. Samsung’s 2022 It is expected to close with a total shipment of 260 million smartphones.


last week canalys through the report third quarter of 2022 We came across phone-oriented data calculated for According to calculations made globally, the smartphone market leader in the third quarter of 2022 with a 22 percent market share Samsung it happened. Second place with a market share of 18% apple, third place with 14 percent xiaomi, fourth place with 10 percent OPPO, fifth with 9 percent. in vivo took place.

in the third quarter of 2022 a total of 297 million smartphone shipments is reported to have been made. In just three months, Samsung’s 64 million unit, while Apple’s 53 million unit (Only with iPhones) is reported to have left behind. Industry in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the third quarter of 2021 It has lost 9 percent.

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