2023 Mercedes CLA; Here are the changes that come with makeup

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2023 Mercedes CLA, which stands out with the touches that bring the A-Class to mind, also includes update steps under its hood.

On the Mercedes front, which continues to focus on electrification, developments regarding the EQ product range have been on the agenda for the last few days. It is remarkable that the brand, which will turn its route in full force for 2030 and beyond, can bid farewell to the EQ badge with the return of the spectrum to pure electricity. While there is no clear explanation on the subject for now, the brand’s current traditional motor product range continues to be active. After the A-Class, which was made up in 2022, which we left behind, we see that the CLA family was taken in the frame with similar touches in the first days of 2023. In addition to its design touches, the 2023 Mercedes CLA product range, where standards have come with a mild-hybrid focus on the engine side, will continue to win hearts with its Shooting Brake body type.

2023 Mercedes CLA

With the 2023 model year, we see the touches that we see in other models of the family in the basic design components of the CLA. In this context, we can say that the renewed front bumper and grille are accompanied by a diffuser in the rear. Along with the standard versions, similar revisions have been made in the AMG product range. Wheel sets that can go up to 19 inches will make a significant contribution to the visual in this adventure, as always. In the cockpit of the car, we can say that a 10.25-inch multimedia screen and a driver’s panel of the same size will make itself felt at the first stage. The difference in the flooring options on the console will also be on the list. It will also draw attention that the technological and safety equipment of the CLA product range is now richer than the base version, together with the make-up.

2023 Mercedes CLA Here are the changes that come with


One of the biggest factors is that the mild-hybrid system, which is based on the 48V architecture, is standard in the options under the hood with the renewed CLA family. With this mini electric boost, the car’s potential to reflect a more refined and comfortable driving experience in certain scenarios is highlighted. With the touch, the 1.3-liter gasoline engine offered in the CLA 108 at the entrance of the family comes with over 130 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque. The car’s maximum speed of 0-100 in 9.4 seconds and approximately 220 km/h in this combination is in the table. Together with the CLA 200, the same engine produces 160 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. With this improvement, the 0-100 duration is reduced to 8.4 seconds. In the CLA 250, which is at the top of the gasoline engine family, the 2.0-liter engine can accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds with 220 horsepower.

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Those who want to choose a diesel engine in the CLA product range will also find answers. Different power outputs of the 2.0-liter engine will be offered in all of the CLA 180 d, CLA 200 d and CLA 220 d packages. In the rechargeable hybrid, which is one of the most efficient versions of the family, with the improvement made in the battery, the pure electric driving range makes it possible to reach 80 kilometers. In order to improve the performance in the electric driving mode, we are faced with the preference to reduce the power to 110 horsepower with an increase of 7 horsepower in the electric unit. There will be no change in the total power value of 215 horsepower for the CLA 250 e. The Mercedes team did not miss to touch the charging capacity of the battery in this system. By increasing the new limit to 11 kW for the charging rate, which supports 7.4 kW before the makeover, it will be possible to reach 80 percent occupancy level from 10 percent in 25 minutes.

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For those who like dessert after dinner, we preferred to leave the AMG versions at the end of the lines. Equipped with the 48V system as in the standard versions, the power values ​​of the 35 and 45 S are given as 302 hp and 416 hp, respectively. At this point, the 45 S’s coming from 380 horsepower to 416 horsepower draws attention as a radical leap. The torque value of the car, which came to 500 Nm with an increase of 20 units, was given as 4 seconds to reach from 0 to 100. Prices of the renewed CLA family will be shared in the coming days.