2022 Opel Astra preview; “Swords Drawn”

2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn

The notes from the short ride we spent with the 2022 Opel Astra, which have only a few days left to hit the roads of Turkey, come together.

Astra, which Opel has included in its product range since 1992, is getting ready to leave its 30th anniversary with the transition to 2022. In Astra, which also brought a brand new generation with this transition period, we see a transition to a new period every five years on average. For Astra, which supports its stable transitions with successful sales figures, the “L” generation brings firsts in itself. We can say that this is the first time we are faced with an Astra that bears the traces of the group so clearly after the transition to PSA. For the Astra, which now carries the dynamics from PSA as an infrastructure after the engine, the Opel front prefers to use the “German” emphasis more frequently than ever before. We are currently in the pre-order and demand collection days for the 2022 Opel Astra, whose adventure started in Europe last year and reflected in Turkey as of September. Astra Purchasing The first deliveries to users who want it start next month. As part of the special event, we get the chance to get behind the wheel of the new Astra, albeit briefly, and see how powerful its weapons are with small tastings.

A breeze of modern simplicity in design with the 2022 Opel Astra

For those who follow the automotive world closely, it would be right to say that the design evolution brought by Astra does not carry surprising dynamics. It is possible to see the new front face of the brand, which is called “Compass”, in Astra after names such as Crossland, Mokka and Grandland. When we consider the sixth generation as design, we can see that simplicity comes to the fore. When we look at the vehicle from all sides, we see a clear character far from complex lines. Along with the new Compass front face, the line on the hood is a nice detail to add a spice of aggression as well as simplicity to the car. Again, the 18-inch rim set in GS and GS Line equipment packages and the “hammer” shaped structure that cuts the right and left ends of the front bumper are among the design details we saw for the first time in Astra.

“Fine work”

It is possible to talk about the existence of unique nuances in the design dynamics of Astra that will attract the attention of detailers. For example, when we look at the front section, we can see the strips on the grille that separates the vehicle from other models. We have not seen the grill form, which brings a nice continuity with the structure of the bumper, in other names such as Mokka and Grandland. We also felt the reflections of these grille details in the cockpit. The strip form, which is used almost exactly in the air conditioner outlets, brings to mind a beautiful DNA transfer. Another sweet detail we would like to mention is not only the Opel family, it brings a point that we have not seen in any car in the segment. The lighting detail integrated into the spoiler at the rear, although small, makes a big difference. We can point out this subtle LED touch, which provides a very pleasant integrity with the shark antenna on the ceiling, as a distinguishing factor in night driving.

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Another design detail that we can describe as “thin” is in the C column. In this section, which is a small gene touch brought by Opel from Manta A, we come across a three-pronged structure. Using a similar design in Manta, the brand makes a good reference to the heritage of HB. This brings satisfaction on the emotional side of the job one more layer for enthusiasts like us.

How are things in the cockpit?

When we open the doors of the new Astra and enter inside, we cannot help but make a comparison with the previous generation. In this context, it is possible to talk about a significant improvement in material quality. The driver-facing console design makes the person behind the wheel feel good. It would be a lie to say that we did not get a nostalgic BMW memory here. The center console, which is dominated by the gear selector, is almost the only point in the overall interior design that you can directly associate the vehicle with the PSA Group. To be honest, the exact transfer of this structure, which we also see in Citroen and Peugeot models, creates the feeling that the Astra’s own character has been compromised a bit. Considering the workability of the vehicle in general, it would be a lie to say that our eyes did not look for some originality in the panel here.

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When you leave the superficiality and dive into the detail vortex of the cockpit, you can see that all of Opel’s weapons are used on the Astra. The fact that we are already accustomed to AGR certified orthopedic seats from the previous generation brings a nice continuity on the comfort side. Speaking of seats, let’s not forget to mention that the majority of the interior of the new generation is in the hands of female designers. Apart from that, we have a brand new steering wheel. We see that aluminum parts are used in almost every gap of the steering wheel in order to increase the perception of quality. This creates a preferred sense of touch to increase the perception at the points where the driver will be in contact as much as they see it. This also applies to the piano-type physical keys located under the 10-inch multimedia screen. Opel will please many people by not giving up the physical keys in the digitalized cockpit, just like Peugeot does. The depth distance between the keys and the screen on the console is also remarkable. It is also possible for you to feel like Ludwig van Beethoven at the piano while walking between the keys.

1663956153 899 2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn
The changes in the cockpit are not limited to the front, of course. The dimensional uplift of the Astra on the outside also directly moves the interior living space forward. When we look at the dimensions of the vehicle; We see that it has a length of 4,374 millimeters, a width of 1,860 millimeters, a height of 1,470 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2,675 millimeters. All sections in dimensions appear as moved forward, except for the height value that has been lowered by 14 millimeters. Especially with the revision in the axle distance, we saw a noticeable improvement in the knee distance at the back. Parallel to these increases, the luggage volume has expanded by over 50 liters, and the Astra offers a total usable area of ​​422 liters. This value is ahead of the VW Golf, which offers 380 liters, and the new Peugeot 308, which offers 411 liters.

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Equipment for the 2022 Opel Astra does not surprise

When we look at the hardware side of the Astra product range, we can see that it contains weapons that will meet current standards. According to planning, four different hardware versions will be on sale, namely Edition, Elegance, GS Line and GS. Even in the Edition hardware package, which is the entry level of the family; It is important that parts such as “Full-LED headlight group, High Beam Assistant, Headlight & Rain Sensor, Front-rear parking sensor, 10-inch multimedia screen, 10-inch digital driver screen and Driver Fatigue Detection System” are presented as standard. These values ​​will not outpace the Golf and 308 vs. Astra.

1663956153 9 2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn
As you can imagine, the GS version we tested brings with it all the equipment that a single red carpet is missing. During the test, we preferred to focus on the performance of the hardware that users will be in contact with the most. The first of these is the driver and multimedia screens. In general, we found the systems successful in terms of both usage and visuality. The visuals on the driver’s screen can reflect different atmospheres with colors that change according to the driving mode. The feedback on the multimedia screen is also at a level that meets expectations. In the new Astra product range, the excessive black gaps on the screens, which are positioned in the form of two-piece single frame as 10-10 inches, may also disturb some. Another point that caught our attention here was the front and rear cameras offered. The new cameras, which are very successful in terms of resolution, do a near-perfect job when needed. The curtain on the sunroof, which comes in the upper versions, is opened manually, just like the 308.

The prominent equipment offered by Opel as standard according to the versions are as follows;

16 inch alloy wheels
fabric sofa
leather steering wheel
Full-LED headlight assembly
High Beam Assistant
Headlight & Rain Sensor
front-rear parking sensor
10 inch multimedia screen
10 inch digital driver display
Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Active lane tracking with protection
Camera-based active emergency braking
Cruise control
Driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags
Hill Start Assist
Secondary Collision Brake
Driver Fatigue Detection System
Keyless Start

17 inch alloy wheels
Fabric/Vinyl seat upholstery
leather steering wheel
Full-LED headlight assembly
AGR approved driver’s seat
180 degree backup camera
adaptive cruise control
Radar-based active emergency braking

GS Line
18 inch wheel set
black ceiling
panoramic sunroof
heated front seats
Heated steering wheel
heated windshield
360 degree surround view camera

18 inch wheel set
black ceiling
Alcantara seats
IntelliLux LED Pixel Headlights
Electric driver’s seat with memory
Memory side mirrors
IntelliAir in-vehicle air quality measurement
Active lane tracking with lane centering

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First impressions from the ride

Under the hood of the Astra, which we had the chance to use, albeit very briefly, there is a 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine. It would not be wrong to call this unit, which carries the entire group on its back, as a mine. This machine, which won the engine of the year award in the long-term segment, continues to transfer the values ​​we know numerically to the road. This engine, which produces 130 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque, carries the Astra, which weighs 1,371 kilograms in total, from 0 to 100 in 9.7 seconds. The maximum speed that can be reached is limited to 210 km/h. As we can understand from the engine and values, it is not possible to expect a very serious performance from this package, which is combined with an 8-stage automatic transmission. However, when it comes to intermediate accelerations, there is an Astra that can transfer the desired reaction to the ground faster with the transition to the “Sport” mode.

1663956154 917 2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn
Built on PSA’s EMP2 platform, the infrastructure of the new Astra can be seen as a proven architecture. The suspension system, which includes a MacPherson combination at the front and a torsion bar combination at the rear, aims to differentiate the Astra from the 308 with the optimizations made by Opel. When we drove, we felt that the Astra was more intuitive and more responsive than its predecessor. It is possible to talk about an experience that is more confident and has increased skidding limits, especially in corners. Cabin sound permeability at high speeds also feels slightly better than the previous generation. The interesting point with the new Astra is that it is even heavier than the VW Golf, which has a 1.5-liter mild-hybrid system. According to the Astra, which has a mixed consumption value of 5.6-5.8 liters in the factory data due to the weight effect here, 4.5-5.3 liters of data on the Golf front are reflected in the technical table. Of course, we will evaluate the figures more realistically when we take the long-term test with the 2022 Opel Astra.

1663956154 699 2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn

Swords drawn

After our little experience with the new Astra, it reveals that Opel is more ambitious than ever before. Now we have an Astra that wants to satisfy the users with its design as well as its hardware. Parallel to this, the claim of segment leadership in Turkey draws attention. Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin, who made very assertive statements at the event, gave important messages about the brand’s approach to Turkey together with Astra. Reminding that Florian Huettl, who has recently been appointed as the new CEO, made his first overseas visit to Turkey, Girgin points out that the brand has started to see Turkey as a priority market.

In his statements on the subject, Girgin; “It is important for all of us that Huettl makes his first visit to Turkey after taking office. Being seen as a potential and stable market brings the priority of supply to Turkey. In this way, we can say that we have solved the supply problem to a large extent. Especially with 2023, we will not have a vehicle availability problem. I can see we’ve figured this out. At the end of next year, we will leave our biggest competitor behind and become the first among imported C Hatchbacks. Our aim is very clearly in this direction.” he stated.

1663956154 861 2022 Opel Astra preview Swords Drawn


2022 Opel Astra price list

The prices shared by Opel’s official sources are as follows;
1.2 liter 130 hp MT6 Edition – 668.900 TL
1.2 liter 130 hp AT8 Edition – 774.900 TL
1.2 liter 130 hp AT8 Elegance – 844.900 TL
1.2 liter 130 hp AT8 GS Line – 894.900 TL
1.2 liter 130 hp AT8 GS – 924.900 TL

1.5 liter 130 hp AT8 Edition – 824.900 TL