2 years after the end of Attack on Titan, the creator is working on a new manga – even Eren’s voice is there

The mangaka of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, has now completed the story about the Titans. After the manga, the anime also ended last year. But that doesn’t mean that the Creator is already retiring. A project has been announced that Isayama is working on after Attack on Titan together with the voice actor of Eren Jäger (Yuki Kaji).

What kind of project is this? Isayama and Kaji are working on a manga called Soyogi Fractal. The spin-off manga will only have one issue and will celebrate Kaji’s 20th anniversary as a voice actor, Oricon News reports.

The X-User AttackonFans shows what the protagonist of the new manga will look like:

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So far the following things are known about the manga:

  • Soyogi is the eponymous protagonist. He is a character created by Kaji and drawn by Mai Yoneyama.
  • The character is intended to represent the artificial intelligence used to reproduce Kaji’s voice. This allows new songs to be sung using Kaji’s voice.
  • Isayama will only be responsible for the story of the manga. It is not yet known who will be responsible for the drawings. The mangaka thinks it’s “great” that he can come up with complicated compositions that someone else then has to draw.
  • So the story will have nothing to do with the sword-wielding titan hunters from Attack on Titan.
  • The manga is scheduled to be released in summer 2024. An exact date is still pending. The special one-shot is scheduled to be published in either Weekly Shonen Magazine or Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Weekly Shonen is known for publishing famous Shonen manga such as One Piece, Naruto and Attack on Titan.

    You can watch the raging titans in the trailer here:

    The trailer for the first season of Attack on Titan

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    These are the chances of a sequel to Attack on Titan

    And what about Attack on Titan? Since the one-shot has nothing to do with the Titans universe, the question remains what a sequel to the hit anime will look like. Isayama has already planned a new chapter of his manga, which is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2024.

    Not much is known about the chapter yet. There is a picture circulating on reddit that is supposed to show the cover of the 35th volume. Based on the picture we can deduce what happens next.

    Without spoiling too much: The volume will probably continue the experiences after the controversial finale of Attack on Titan. However, the image has not been officially revealed yet, so we should take the cover with caution.

    However, Isayama already made it clear in an interview with Radio France that there would be no sequel to Attack on Titan. It would be a completed plot, which is why the work would already be complete. The new volume will probably only show impressions of life after the finale and will not suggest a new storyline.

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