2 trainers play in the most remote place in the world and find each other thanks to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO can connect trainers all over the world. This has now happened in a very special environment – in the most remote place in the world.

There are fans and trainers of Pokémon GO and the other offshoots of the series all around the world. Even the coldest continent in the world, Antarctica, is no exception.

There’s a nice story on independent.co.uk about how two trainers, Raimon and Pete, in the most remote place in the world can now play Pokémon GO here with the help of one trainer’s girlfriend, Reddit and Niantic.

And only then did we find out that they both shared this hobby.

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Pokémon GO in the most remote place in the world

After Raimon started working at Davis Station, the southernmost Australian research station in Antarctica, his girlfriend had a request for him. She wants to get gifts from him in Pokémon GO in order to receive the postcards.

As a result, the trainer, who has been a fan of the game since Pokémon GO was released in 2016, started playing Pokémon GO again. The problem: There were no PokéStops in his station. So he had no way to send gifts with corresponding postcards.

Raimon’s girlfriend then asked on Reddit whether Niantic could open a PokéStop in the station. And Niantic complied with the request. Inquiries on Reddit regarding the help of trainers in Antarctica are surprisingly more common than you might think.

PokéStop received, teammates found

After the PokéStop opened, Raimon could finally start sending the gifts with the postcards to his girlfriend and catching Pokémon himself. In addition to a PokéStop in front of one of the buildings, a second PokéStop was also opened inside the residential building.

As he started catching Pokémon and sending postcards, he made an interesting and beautiful discovery: he’s not the only one. Pete, one of his 27 colleagues at the station, is also an avid Pokémon fan and trainer in Pokémon GO.

Since the two trainers, who are more than 30 years apart, discovered this shared passion, they have now been indulging in this hobby together – in the most remote place in the world.

What about with you? Have you already made great acquaintances and friends through Pokémon GO? Feel free to share your best stories with us in the comments.

If you haven’t made any friends through Pokémon GO yet, you might be able to do so during the remaining events in Pokémon GO in April 2024.