2.5 hour thriller masterpiece with arguably the most unbelievable Leonardo DiCaprio scene ever

25 hour thriller masterpiece with arguably the most unbelievable Leonardo

One masterpiece follows another in Martin Scorsese’s brilliant filmography. To the Highlights of the director’s work also includes the thriller remake Departed.

Scorsese moved the Chinese template Infernal Affairs – The Eighth Hell to rough Boston and staged with top stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson addicting cat and mouse game with an unforgettably shocking finale. RTL II will broadcast Departed on January 13, 2023 at 8:15 p.m.

Watch a German Departed trailer here:

Departed – Among Enemies – Trailer (German)

Departed is perfect thriller entertainment with an impressively radical resolution

On one side of the story of Scorsese’s film is Billy (DiCaprio), who comes from a criminal background and who as Undercover cop with crime boss Costello (Nicholson) is smuggled in. On the other hand, the police force is infiltrated by Sullivan (Damon) as a young contender sent by Costello.

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  • From this double undercover situation, the director spans a network of deeper character moments, electrifying tension sequences, violent language and even more violent interludes of violence. The two and a half hours of running time fly by in this excellently cast and staged game of cat and mouse, in which Scorsese intensifies the situation more and more dramatically.

    Warning, the next paragraph contains a big spoiler for Departed!

    The unforgettable climax of Departed comes towards the end when DiCaprio’s undercover cop killed with a shot in the head in a second will. The scene comes so surprisingly and suddenly that it feels all the more unreal.

    The decision, to sacrifice one of the brightest young Hollywood stars so radicallyis one of Scorsese’s most ingenious and shocking moves in this unforgiving masterpiece.

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