190 Nm electric bike that can offer a range of 290 km

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A 190 Nm electric bike that can offer a range of 290 km has been prepared. This bike is especially suitable for riders over 50 years of age. focuses.

Optibike The electric bicycle model, known as the Class 1 version of R17 prepared by It is in the eMTB class, meaning it focuses on difficult terrain. The company states that they developed this bike with riders over the age of 50 in mind, and the founder of the company, Jim Turner, says: “Three main metabolic changes occur in the human body as we age. We lose muscle mass, gain weight, and our maximum oxygen intake decreases (VO2 Max). All of this significantly reduces our ability to climb hills or travel longer distances. A 60-year-old driver generally has 30 percent less power capability than a 30-year-old. “This, together with the increase in body mass, means that a 60-year-old will need a stronger eMTB than a 30-year-old.” says. On this basis the model is complete It centers around the 750-W PowerStorm MBB electric motor producing 190 Nm of torque. and it can offer a comfortable ride that does not overstrain its driver under all conditions. Promising a comfortable ride with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear and a double suspension system signed by RockShox and Fox, the bike can travel at a speed of 32 km/h with its 52-V/1,630-Wh battery pack. up to 202 kmat a speed of 24 km/h 290 km It brings a pedal-assisted range of up to . The announced international price of the bike is 14 thousand dollars It is at such a serious level.