18-year-old sentenced for causing the death of another after the accident outside Hässleholm

In the accident on March 5, a 17-year-old died and several other young people were injured, when the car crashed into a tree. A total of seven people traveled in the car, which the 18-year-old drove home the day after a party. Several of them were trapped in the vehicle.

Causing the death of another

The 18-year-old was charged with negligence in traffic, causing the death of another and causing bodily harm – crimes which he denies.

The district court in Hässleholm sentences him for all the crimes to a suspended sentence and 100 daily fines. The sentence also includes minor drug offences, as he had a small amount of cannabis in his urine. According to the investigation, however, there is no indication that drugs were a contributing factor to the accident.

No faults were found on the car

The district court in Hässleholm considers it clear that the 18-year-old lost control of the car, which went off the road and collided with a tree. The examination did not reveal any defects on the vehicle. Several of the young people in the car have said that the 18-year-old was driving at a very high speed – far too high in relation to the conditions on the 70-vägen, writes the district court, which also states that far too many people were in the car. According to the court, he has been guilty of deliberate risk-taking.

The district court states that the 18-year-old is not in the criminal record and is unlikely to be guilty of further criminality. Neither the nature of the crime nor the amount of the penalty warrants imprisonment. Therefore, he is sentenced to a suspended sentence. He must also pay a fee to the Victims of Crime Fund.

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