17-year-old YouTube star apologizes for horrible mistake he made a long time ago – aged 16: ‘Stupid and immature’

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Gaming YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins is extremely popular but controversial. Once again, he shows a typical behavior pattern: He messes up, flies up and then says he’s terribly sorry about everything. He’s still very young.

Who is this?

  • “IShowSpeed” is an enormously successful young content creator: He plays games, raps, is passionate about soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo and opportunities to make a lot of money very quickly.
  • He has a penchant for barking – which a 6-year-old Fortnite player once overheard in what appeared to be a life-threatening shock. Woof woof.
  • IShowSpeed ​​was exposed in the past, 7 months ago, by a blatant verbal slip specifically aimed at a woman. That was now flushed again and bit his butt.
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    TV station deleted posts with IShowSpeed ​​because of 7 month old clip

    What was the latest excitement now? IShowSpeed ​​is an avid football fan and traveled to England to meet his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

    A British TV channel took notice of him and included the young star in some live reports, apparently to appeal to a young audience: The TV channel wanted to see how the 17-year-old is looking forward to meeting Ronaldo and then witness his disappointment that the Portuguese does not play at all.

    With him, the anger is often only played, but Tyler1 is also successful:

    How Twitch’s worst troll became the face of League of Legends

    Twitter clip of IShowSpeed ​​screaming at woman has nearly 12 million views

    what went wrong? Once things were on the air, Sky Sports apparently realized who exactly they were putting in the spotlight. After all, IShowSpeed ​​was banned from the shooter Valorant in April 2022 after insulting a fellow player in the worst sexist way.

    According to a report by the Daily Mirror, Sky Sports deleted all videos featuring IShowSpeed ​​after being alerted to IShowSpeed’s misogynist videos: In one, he called a woman a slut and told her to “do the dishes for the man”. “

    Obviously someone had sent the Valorant clip from April to the TV station. The clip is no big secret now, almost 12 million people have seen it:

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    “I’m 17 – I was 16 at the time” – IShowSpeed ​​once again apologizes about his age

    This is what IShowSpeed ​​says: He is now distancing himself from his statements made 7 months ago and once again refers to his young age (via twitter):

    the clip […] was removed from Sky and I’ve been told it was due to a reappearance of comments I’ve made in the past. I am 17 years old. I was 16 when this happened and it was a big mistake. It was stupid and immature. I understood and apologized. I’m working on myself and how I navigate this world while growing up online. I recognize that I have a responsibility to set an example for those who follow and support me.

    First the freak, then the apology – the pattern repeats itself over and over again

    What’s the problem, doesn’t that sound good? The statement seems a bit hollow when you know that IShowSpeed ​​says the same thing after each misstep. When he insulted his teammate in April, he said afterwards that he was sorry. He’s still very young. He’s working on himself.

    But after every apology it only takes a short time until the next scandal:

  • IShowSpeed ​​always seems to ask for understanding: he just grows up online. He is so young – everything is difficult. Watkins always sounds insightful and reasonable when making the apologies. He says exactly what people want to hear from him.
  • While on the air and in a rage, there doesn’t seem to be much left of the young man who is so insightful. As soon as the camera points at him, he knows no friends.
  • He’s also getting a lot of headwind: German Twitch streamer Unge called him an “animal torturer” in July.

    The statement seems all the stranger when you know that just a few days ago IShowSpeed ​​apparently tried to sell his “followers” ​​a crypto coin, an advertisement for which he was obviously paid handsomely, but that too then went wrong.

    And of course IShowSpeed ​​said – well, he’s very young and still learning:

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