17-year-old teenager arrested for allegedly leaking GTA VI

17 year old teenager arrested for allegedly leaking GTA VI

under active development GTA VI The young man who made the leak for (GTA 6) was arrested.

For those who missed GTA VI (GTA 6) for the game last weekend in the morning hours leak has occurred. The first arrest came after the leak, which was initially thought to be fake but later turned out to be real. Sources claim that the London police are behind the leak today. 17-year-old boy arrested. This young man Rockstar Games beside Uber It is thought to be related to the leak. of your arrest Oxfordshire It is also among the information received. More details on this to be announced soon Waiting.

Rockstar Games He did not remain silent for this leak and made a statement. This in the statement The company uses GTA 6 images stated that it was obtained through unauthorized access to one of the systems. The company, which continues its detailed research on this subject, stated that the images came from the very early development stage.

This leak is a that they will not cause any delays and that they will continue their work as normal. Stating that the company does not give a clear release date for the game for now. Stating that they are very sorry that the new GTA game came to the fore in this way and came across you. Rockstar Games, The game will most likely appear in 2024. However, the curious production may stay until 2025. In fact, many sources now point to 2025 for the release.


GTA VI The most concrete information we have about it does not change. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here are the details: “For the game last month Jason Schreier provided important information. It is stated in the game that the development process progressed slower than expected due to the significant changes made in the working environment within the company and the pandemic. For the first time in GTA history, there will be a playable Latino female character.

It is said that the production was inspired by the legend of Bonnie & Clyde. There will be two different main characters. The action-packed script, built around the female and early characters who are expected to have an emotional bond, will reportedly be set in and around Miami.

In the production, which is referred to as “Projekt Americas” in the company, It is also reported that there is a huge map. According to previous claims, the new game is different from other versions. It will be expandable over time..

Accordingly, the game world will be gradually enlarged with new maps to be added after the release. This time, the company, which is reported to have focused on very accessible interiors, GTA VI He states that they will share the official images for the company when they are fully ready.”