125 cc and Below Engines Can Be Used with a Class B Driving License! Here are the Conditions and 125 cc Engine Recommendations!

125 cc and Below Engines Can Be Used with a

According to the decision published in the Official Gazette today, engines of 125 cc and below can now be used with a Class B driver’s license. What should we do to take advantage of this situation? Let’s look at the details together.

The expansion of the powers of the B driving license, which has been on the agenda since last year, has now been concluded. As of today, after approximately 9 months of work, the official newspaper announced the announcement. Now, people with a class B driving license will be able to drive engines with an engine volume of up to 125 cc.

Before the law was enacted, the B driving license authority, which was limited to 50 cc, did not encourage people to use motorcycles. Especially in big cities, 50 cc motorcycles were prohibited from going on highways and bridges. This being the case, people did not show much interest in these engines. With the new regulation, the number of 125 cc engines is expected to increase in many big cities.

b driver's license

Requirements for Using a 125 cc Engine!

With a class B driver’s license;

a) Having a valid Class B driver’s license with at least 2 years of experience,

b) To meet the health conditions required for those who will use two-wheeled vehicles in the Regulation on Health Conditions and Examinations to be Required for Driver Candidates and Drivers,

c) Not having had the driver’s license withdrawn temporarily or permanently pursuant to Law No. 2918 within five years from the date of application,

Except for motorcycles used in all kinds of commercial activities, provided that the driving training course specified for those who meet the conditions specified in this paragraph in the Private Motor Vehicle Drivers Course Regulation of the Ministry of National Education is completed and the application exam is successful and the A1 class certificate issued by the Ministry of National Education is recorded in the driver’s license system records. Motorcycles with an A1 class driver’s license can also be driven within the borders of our country. In this case, the necessary code is added to the driver’s license system records, and no code is written on the driver’s license. However, if they wish, these people can have their certificates applied to their driver’s license within 2 years. “If the person who has this code in the system records loses any of the conditions listed in this paragraph or his driver’s license is withdrawn temporarily or permanently pursuant to Law No. 2918, this authority will be canceled by the traffic law enforcement or units authorized to issue driver’s licenses without the need for any other action.”

Engine Models That Can Be Purchased with a B Driving License


  • cappuccino
  • Cappuccino S125
  • GT125
  • MT125
  • Safari 125
  • Liberty 125
  • Dazzle 125
  • Verano 125


  • RS125
  • SR GT 125
  • SX 125
  • RX 125
  • tuono 125





  • Activa S
  • Space Alpha
  • Dio
  • CB125F
  • CBR125R
  • PCX125
  • Super Cub C125
  • MSX125
  • Monkey





  • Brilliant 125
  • Superlight 125

Agility 125
Like 125
Agility S 125i


  • DriftL
  • 125 Vulture
  • ZNU 125
  • 125 Strada
  • 125 Lavinia


  • MTX125
  • Macchiato 125
  • Rossi RS 125


  • Django 125
  • Speedfight 125
  • Pulse 125
  • Pulsion GT
  • Pulsion Allure


  • 125R
  • Newlight 125
  • Newlight 125 Pro
  • wild cat
  • Bitter 125
  • aroma 125
  • Galaxy Gold 125


  • Fiddle 3 125
  • Fiddle 4 125
  • jet 14
  • Jet X 125
  • Jet
  • X Pro 2




  • Delight 125
  • NMax 125
  • WR 125R
  • WR 125
  • X-Max 125 ABS
  • YBR125
  • YZF R125
  • MT-125

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