120 fps support is coming for PUBG Mobile

120 fps support is coming for PUBG Mobile

One of the popular productions that still has millions of actors PUBG Mobile As far as officially announced, 120 fps support for is coming.

PUBG Mobile The 120 fps support that will be provided with the 3.2 update to be sent for will make the game much, much smoother on powerful flagships. The company, which previously offered a maximum of 90 fps, will provide 120 fps support on both iOS and Android, although there is no official confirmation yet. The 120 fps mode, which will provide an enjoyable experience especially on 120 Hz screens, may make many game enthusiasts buy a new phone. Before this, the main version PUBG had come to the fore. Developer for those who missed it krafton recently popular “battle royale” He made important announcements for the company and confirmed some previously revealed leaks. The production, which is quite behind in terms of graphics, is powered by Unreal Engine 4, as officially announced. It will switch to the Unreal Engine 5 game engine, which will open new doors for the future. So it will be improved graphically. In addition, destructible / diggable (Example above) / damaging environments will be introduced to the game, which will seriously change the combat or survival experience offered by the production. In his statement on this subject, Krafton said that the players strategically destroy certain parts of buildings can or can build defensessaid that this will open safe areas with new attack methods.


The company stated that with this structure, it will bring a dynamic structure to the war strategies in the game. He states that they will reveal the new era in April. However, there is still no date given for the full release. In the new era Krafton announced that they will also commission user-generated content.It seems like we will encounter a much different PUBG before the end of 2024. PUBG was released for PC via Steam in March 2017 and became one of the biggest games in the world. The production, which was incredibly popular in Turkey, later fell seriously behind Fortnite.