112 news: Amersfoort resident injured after ‘conflict’ in home | Unwellness ceremony Spakenburg

112 news Amersfoort resident injured after conflict in home

Province of Utrecht – In this message we will keep you informed of the 112 news in the province of Utrecht. It is an overview of accidents, fires, crimes, traffic jams and disruptions in the region on Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19.

9.43 am: Amersfoort resident injured after ‘conflict’ in home

A resident of Banckertstraat in Amersfoort was injured this morning after ‘a conflict’ in his home. The victim suffered injuries, but did not have to be taken to hospital.

The perpetrator has fled. He may have been wearing a balaclava during the incident. The cause of the violent incident is being investigated. The police have the matter under investigation. People who saw something of the incident are urged to share their information.

9.30 pm: Feeling unwell at Spakenburg celebration party

A person became unwell at the ceremony in Spakenburg this evening around 8.15 pm. Several ambulances attended the scene and an air ambulance was also called. The police were present to provide support. The helicopter landed on the Gerbrandysingel. Ultimately the person was taken to hospital. It is not known how this is going now. It is also not clear what exactly happened.

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9.20 pm: Code yellow is no longer in force in the province of Utrecht

Around 9:20 p.m., the KNMI withdrew the code yellow that it announced earlier in the afternoon. There are currently no more warnings, the weather service reports.

8.30 pm: Tree in Veenendaal blown over by storm

In Veenendaal, a tree blew down on Plesmanstraat this evening around 7.10 pm. Due to the storm and heavy wind, the tree blew over and landed on the road, blocking the road. Firefighters removed the tree and police attended to divert traffic that was being affected.

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6.15 pm: Code yellow in the province, hailstones and thunderstorms expected

The KNMI warns of “strong thunderstorms” this afternoon and evening in the province. That is why code yellow has been issued in Utrecht, and also in the provinces of North Brabant, Gelderland and Overijssel.

5.55 pm: Police are looking for ‘antisocial’ driver at the Lage Weide business park

On the Reactorweg in Utrecht near the Lage Weide business park, a motorist showed “anti-social driving behavior” this afternoon. A police spokesperson cannot say what the antisocial driving behavior entailed. But says that the driver continued driving after the police signaled a stop sign. A chase followed after which the driver managed to escape. The police were then unable to find the driver and started a search. Several police officers and even a police helicopter looked for the motorist, but he was not found.

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3:09 PM: Small fire at The Wall shopping center

There was a small fire at The Wall shopping center along the A2 near Utrecht Leidsche Rijn this afternoon around 1:10 PM. At children’s play paradise Play-In, a deep fryer in the kitchen caught fire. Three fire engines responded and the fire was under control at just after half past two. Due to the fire, both the Play-In and two other stores were evacuated. According to the fire brigade, this involved approximately 320 visitors. The shops are still being ventilated and the fire brigade cannot yet say when people can enter again. The Play-In announces on its website that it will be closed for the rest of the day.

12.45 pm: Collision between two cars in Renswoude

An accident took place on Dorpsstraat in Renswoude this morning around 11.40 am. Two cars collided there. They came to a stop in a hedge along the road. One of the cars also damaged a car parked on the other side of the hedge. According to the police, no one was injured, but the occupants were checked by the ambulance. A spokesperson says that alcohol was checked but there was no indication of this.

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11.35 am: Traffic jam on A28 due to A27 road works

Due to work on the A27, there is extra pressure on the A28 from Utrecht to Zwolle. According to the ANWB, this adds approximately fifteen minutes to travel time. Just like last weekend, Rijkswaterstaat is carrying out work on the A27, which means the road between the Rijnsweerd junction and the Eemnes junction is closed. The asphalt is being tackled there and the road markings and guardrail are checked.

8:03 am: Truck overturned at Baarn roundabout

In Baarn, a truck carrying rubble overturned this morning on the roundabout between Zandheuvelweg, Amsterdamsestraatweg and Wakkerendijk. According to the police, this was a one-vehicle accident. Part of the roundabout was temporarily closed, but traffic was still able to get around it. There were no injuries and the police are investigating the cause of the accident.

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