112 news: A28 close to Leusden for some time

112 news A28 close to Leusden for some time

Province of Utrecht – In this message we will keep you informed of the latest 112 news from the province of Utrecht. It is an overview of accidents, fires and crimes in the region.

14.23 A28 near Leusden open again after incident

The A28 from Utrecht was closed for some time at Leusden. The police report that an incident has happened.

Traffic towards Amersfoort had to detour via the A27 and the A1. Two lanes were closed in the direction of Utrecht.

14.01 Bus lines down due to demonstration

Due to a demonstration in the center of Utrecht, no buses will drive through the center in the coming hours. The buses do not run or are diverted considerably.

The buses are expected to resume normal timetables at the end of the afternoon.

12.35 Cyclists crash on the Lekdijk

At Tull en ‘t Waal on the Lekdijk near the Blassenburgseweg bend, two cyclists slipped shortly after each other. The police quickly arrived on the scene. An air ambulance was also deployed. This later turned out not to be necessary.

Both cyclists were taken to hospital for evaluation.

10.51 Very elderly couple robbed

Last night, an elderly couple was robbed in their home on Zandbergenlaan in Amersfoort. The police report this.

At around 1:30 am, two people entered the house. The two walked into the bedroom, after which the couple woke up with a start. The 90-year-old man tried to chase the burglars away. There would have been blows on both sides. The man was injured.

08.26 Burst water pipe in Hoogland

A water pipe has burst on Bunschoterstraat N199 in Hoogland, flooding the cycle path and part of the roadway. Vitens employees are on site to carry out the repairs.

It is not known how long the repair will take. Some households are temporarily without water.

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