11-year-old is considered one of the best Valorant players, gets banned on Twitch – “fell victim to his fame”

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An 11-year-old who is considered an absolute shooter talent in the Valorant community has been banned on Twitch. The reason for this is his age. Opinions in the community are divided.

Who is the person you are talking about? An eleven-year-old Brazilian boy named Lucas was already one of the top players in the hero shooter Valorant in the community, despite his young age.

He already managed to earn the highest rank “Radiant” in the game. He streamed his achievements on Twitch, but he was never alone: ​​either Luca’s father or mother was always present.

However, the boy has now been banned from the Twitch platform. The reason: his age.

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Why was the boy banned? On Twitch, the data protection information under the item “Privacy of children” states the following: “You must never use the Twitch services in any form if you are under the age of 13” (via Twitch, as of January 07, 2023). .

By doing so, Lucas’ channel was clearly in violation of Twitch policies, which explains the sanction. The boy has since been banned from Twitter, most likely for the same reason.

What does the community say about this? Internet journalist Jake Lucky published posts about Lucas’ ban on Twitter on January 1, 2023:

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He writes that Luca’s parents are in contact with Twitch to find new ways to enable their child to create new content.

He also writes: “They 100% broke the rules, but it seems Lucas fell victim to his own notoriety as he went viral, these platforms discovered him and thus the rules he broke.”

Lucas’ family was unaware of the age limit on Twitch, but admits their guilt, Jake Lucky said in another Twitter post.

The Internet journalist also objects that there are many family channels and streamers where the parents are there to enable their children to stream.

What do the users say about this? The ban splits community opinions under Jake Lucky’s posts. One side advocates the ban and thinks that children are simply not yet in the public eye on the Internet, but should instead deal with things that are appropriate for their age.

On the other hand, some argue that the boy is doing what he enjoys with streaming.

In addition, other children are also known on social media, which means that Lucas is not an isolated case. After all, there are similar areas, such as child actors in film and television, which are already in the public eye.

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