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In this article, MeinMMO collects tips and tricks for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 – we regularly expand the list, so check back often.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is a merciless battle royale with many small mechanics that are often not so obvious.

We are therefore showing you tips here and explaining mechanics that may give you the decisive advantage to win the next battle.

Here you will find tips for the DMZ mode of Warzone 2 and here we include a video with 3 mistakes that you should avoid as a beginner:

3 mistakes in CoD Warzone 2 that you should definitely avoid

Tip 1: Open the parachute manually

A good match start is balm for the Warzone soul and brings momentum to your gameplay. That’s why you should definitely set in the settings that you open your parachute manually.

Otherwise, Warzone will open the parachute far too far above the ground for you and you will arrive on the ground later than opponents who have the same goal as you. You can find the setting in the menu here:

  • Automatic parachute deployment: Out of
  • Console: Controllers – Advanced
  • PC: Keyboard & Mouse – Gameplay – Advanced Motion Settings – Stance
  • Tip 2: Disable image filters

    Image filters such as blur settings have no place in a competitive environment. However, in Call of Duty they are enabled by default.

    Effects like this are nice for the campaign, but when you’re up against enemy players, they’re a detriment that blocks your vision. Changes the following settings:

  • World Motion Blur: Out of
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Out of
  • image noise: 0.00
  • Depth of field: Out of
  • Console: Graphics – Post-processing
  • PC: Graphics – quality – post-processing
  • If you would like more setting recommendations, then have a look here:

    Important settings that make you better in CoD Warzone 2

    Tip 3: Fortresses often donate a loadout

    Strongholds have a permanent place in Warzone 2 gameplay – these are buildings or areas guarded by NPCs. As soon as you enter the fortress, you have to do a small mission and at the end you get your loadout including your own weapons.

    However, the fortresses are not completely useless to you after the first loot if another team was in there. You can clear the area again and after a certain number of killed NPCs in the area you will still get your loadout.

    By the way, you can see from the symbols on the map what is currently going on in the fortresses. If the icon is red, another team is currently cleaning the area.

    CoD Warzone 2: Loadouts – This is how you bring your own weapons into the match

    Tip 4: Watch out for Orange Flags – Inactive Strongholds

    If you see an orange flag on a house in Warzone 2, it indicates a strong NPC presence. Often these are fortress areas that are not active in that match. Each match only delivers 3 strongholds, which give you a loadout.

    Nevertheless, the “inactive” fortresses are also worth a look. There is a lot of loot and valuable boxes that spit out strong stuff. However, you can also be unlucky and the inactive fortress has already been looted.

    CoD Warzone 2: DMZ – How to find key cards and unlock strongholds

    Tip 5: Interrogate opponents

    If you have shot an opponent KO, the enemy lying on the ground can be interrogated. Run towards the opponent and you will get an action suggestion on your screen.

    Hold down the button and squeeze information from your enemy. You will then get an extremely strong reconnaissance for a few seconds.

    Because the remaining team members of the downed opponent can be seen on the minimap. If you are close by, you can even see enemies through walls.

    Tip 6: Take items from the Gulag with you

    In the Gulag you will find many items lying around on the ground. You can pick up the items and use them directly in the Gulag.

    But also remember that you take all that stuff with you into your next match. There are mainly armor plates and grenades on the Gulag soil, but also really strong items like an armor plate vest for a third plate.

    A look at the ground loot can definitely be worthwhile.

    CoD Warzone 2: Gulag Tips – Recommendations to get you out alive

    Tip 7: Be careful with silencers

    In Warzone 1 the silencers were set on most weapons, in Warzone 2 the parts are not quite as strong. In fact, they only prevent your weapon fire from being seen at the top of opponents’ compasses.

    But they can also actively disturb you. Gas leakage when firing is significantly reinforced with a silencer on the barrel. If you have trouble seeing your opponents well when firing, it could be because of the silencer – try it out in the shooting range.

    By the way, you shouldn’t have too much faith in the “Ghost” perk either:

    Be careful with the popular ghost perk in CoD MW2 – It’s not as strong as you might think

    Tip 8: Share your gas masks

    The backpack mechanism is ideal for bunkering strong items. With a large backpack you can even take a 3rd weapon with you.

    However, you should not store any gas masks – the parts will be used up in the backpack even if you do not use them. So you use several gas masks at the same time. Better take off the mask and share it with your team members.

    It’s also very likely not a bug. The aim is to prevent well-equipped players from hiding in the gas for too long and “sitting out” victory.

    Tip 9: Invite enemies

    If one of your teammates is kicked out or if you play with randoms and one of them leaves the match, you can still get your squad full again.

    Use the proximity chat and the emote wheel.

    If you see an opponent, carefully ask in English via the chat if you might be interested in joining your squad. Often you won’t get an answer, but with a bit of luck you’ll fill your squad back up to full strength.

    Proximity chat also allows for other strategies:

    CoD Warzone 2: Twitch streamer tries the world’s oldest shooter trick – Works way too well

    Tip 10: Ammo Racks are now better

    All over Al Mazrah you will find large ammo depots on pallets. Warzone veterans should already know these things – interact briefly and there is a load of ammunition for the inventory.

    In Warzone 2, however, the camps are much better. First, they completely fill up your ammo reserves, and second, they now have a one-minute cooldown after use.

    Earlier you got 2 measly mags and the camp was locked for the rest of the match.

    Those were our tips for Warzone 2. We pay attention to new small gameplay tricks every day and regularly expand the article. Keep checking back for the latest little battle royale tricks.

    Of course, the choice of weapon and an overview of the meta are also important. We have the right article for you here: CoD Warzone 2: The best weapon with setup shortly after release