10 last minute ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

10 last minute ideas to celebrate Valentines Day

It’s already February 14 and you’re lacking inspiration to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 unusual last minute ideas for your lover.

Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday, February 14! Don’t panic if you haven’t organized anything this evening, there’s still time to stock up on ideas and quickly do some shopping. Don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops to make the evening extra special. And it’s possible, even if you hadn’t planned any decoration purchases or special organization. If you have a pretty red or floral tablecloth lying around in the corner, now is the time to use it. Take out your most beautiful stemmed glasses, prepare a small plate for the starter and a large one for the main course. Stop by the florist quickly to spruce up your dinner table. All these little touches are sure to make an impact. And for the rest of the evening, think outside the box with our following 10 ideas:

  1. A Valentine’s Day by candlelight : Become a real specialist aesthetics for an evening. Go do some shopping at the local Sephora to put together a beauty program for her. On the menu, a relaxing bath with scented oils, a mask and a hydrating facial treatment, finishing with a massage. All in an atmosphere of zen music and candlelight. (And also: Learn how to do a head massage)
  2. Cook for an evening : Does he or she think that you are estranged from cooking for life and that the mere sight of a frying pan gives you pimples? Prove him wrong by transforming yourself into a true cordon bleu. Cyril Lignac will just have to put away his apron. The trick is to make very simple things but with a lot of originality (for example a mango and fresh goat’s cheese salad), in order to surprise him or her and avoid burning the hood. Consult recipes on the Journal des Femmes or books dedicated to cooking and decorate your plates like the greatest chefs.

  3. The journey of love sticky notes : take a Post-it® journey from your office to your home, with clues, sweet words or romantic drawings on each sheet. Do not hesitate to ask for help from one or more of his colleagues to stick small notes in strategic places: his computer screen, in his locker, in his parking space… You can also put some in his absence in his car (don’t forget the spare key). The result: a real signposted route full of tender surprises.

  4. Playing the oenologist : If you are the type to let him or her choose wine for you at a restaurant, this idea should suit you. Prepare your move by purchasing an oenology book such as “wine decrypted”. Choose three different wines from the book and get the bottles. Make wine lists very inspired by the book and concoct the menu suggested by the book with the wines. At the time of your tasting, which will have been carefully prepared (wine glasses and decanter), try to remember what you wrote on your cards. And that’s how to pass for an expert. He or she will be amazed by your sudden wine culture… It’s up to you whether you want to reveal the pot of roses to him or her!

  5. Let him win (for once) : You are a killer in games of all kinds: Trivial Pursuit, darts, billiards, belote, Wii… Do you know that he or she has serious shortcomings in this universe (lack of skill, memory, etc.)? This is your chance to impress him for Valentine’s Day. Organize a fun evening with a host of games and let them win. At the same time, tell him how irresistible he or she is and that you are happy to have him or her, who is so skillful, who has such a memory, so much luck at games of chance, etc. In short, you understand.

  1. Small everyday gestures that do good : Are you a fan of “I never lower the toilet lid”? Still haven’t found your way to the dirty laundry basket? For this Valentine’s Day, you have decided to remember all these everyday gestures that you forget… often. To mark the occasion, make a list and write it up as a contract to be signed by both parties.

  2. Invite your mother-in-law : Meetings with your in-laws have become delicate and sources of conflict with your partner. Sweep away these quarrels by inviting your mother-in-law to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Don’t tell your sweetheart and surprise her. Grit your teeth, be polite and laugh at everything. It’s just a difficult time to go through. To help you, drink an orange blossom herbal tea a little before. It is said that this drink has relaxing properties. After dinner, your other half will thank you and tell you how great this gesture is. In addition, you will prove to him that you are capable of many things for him or her. This idea also works with your friend whom you do not really hold in your heart.

  3. Make him a music playlist : When it comes to music, we can say that you don’t quite have the same tastes… While you love the cult AC/DC album, she listens to Chimène Badi over and over again. Moreover, you have forbidden him from listening to his “soup” in your presence, which forces him to listen to his favorite singers in secret. Surprise her by making a compilation of all her favorite hits. Listen to it together while sipping a small drink. This seems a very classic idea, but if you usually tell him that his music makes you nauseous, this should surprise him or her. If you want to go further, offer him two tickets to a concert by his favorite artist, and promise him that you will accompany him.

  4. Play Lotto together : If the chances of winning are low (each grid has a 1 in 19,068,840 chance of being the right one!), why not try your luck with two people? La Française des Jeux allows you to play with several people on the same grid. Ask him for his favorite numbers and add yours. On each grid, you can specify that there are two of you participating in the draw. The tobacconist will give you two tickets to dispel any trust issues.

  5. Just don’t forget Valentine’s Day : And yes, it seems stupid said like that. Think about it and mark the occasion. No need to spend a fortune (it’s “only” Valentine’s Day), a red rose, a sweet word, an outing to a restaurant can do the trick.