1.9 million dead chickens become district heating

District veterinarian Sofia Palmqvist tells P4 Kalmar about how the killing of the chickens is done.

– You fill the entire houses with carbon dioxide, which causes everyone in the houses to die.

– They get scared to begin with when a fog comes at a certain speed through the room. There will be some chaos in the group, Palmqvist continues.

The district veterinarian points out that they cannot rule out that the method causes suffering, but that it is the least bad method they have.

After the hens have died, the barn is aired out and only when a veterinarian has checked that all the animals have died, the work of picking out the hens begins.

When the dead chicken carcasses are then collected, they are sent to a heating plant in Karlskoga where they are fired up and become district heating, the radio reports.

– It is never fun to euthanize animals, at the same time it is the case that part of the veterinarian’s duties is to maintain food safety, says Palmqvist.