007 star Sean Connery wanted to make a Bond film with robo-sharks (!) – but it failed for annoying reasons

007 star Sean Connery wanted to make a Bond film

Roger Moore’s Bond era stands for crazy stories and absurd gimmicks. Sean Connery almost imitated his fellow agent. The Scottish acting legend was involved in a 007 project in which the secret agent fights mechanical sharks and swings his fists on the head of the Statue of Liberty – decades before the finale of X-Men: The Movie. The The working title of the James Bond film was Warhead.

This is what is known about the James Bond film that was never made

Warhead wasn’t just some fixed idea in a Bond writer’s head, it was the script was created with the collaboration of Sean Connery himself.

The first Kino-007 actually completed his last spy mission with Diamond Fever in 1971. Then Kevin McClory approached him. The Irish author and producer was involved in a Bond adaptation with Ian Fleming at the end of the 1950s, but it did not materialize. Instead, Fleming turned the story into his novel Thunderball. This led to a legal battle in which McClory was awarded the film rights to the novel. On the first film adaptation, Fireball from 1965, McClory worked with the Bond company Eon.

In the 70s, however, he wanted the novel independent of the main Bond series adapt. To do this, McClory contacted former Bond actor Sean Connery.

The story of Warhead: James Bond fights against nuclear hammerhead sharks

As the BBC broke it down, McClory hired Ipcress writer Len Deighton in 1975 to develop a script based on Thunderball with Connery. Story ideas include:

  • Russian and American bombers lured into the Bermuda Triangle by SPECTER “to steal their nuclear loads”as they say in A Room with a View.
  • These cargoes are to be used to supply a secret base in the Statue of Liberty from which an attack on New York is planned.
  • According to the plan of attack “Robot hammerhead sharks armed with nuclear weapons “invading New York City via the city’s sewers”
  • Bond fights against the robo-hammerhead sharks and “Fly with a paraglider up to the head of the Statue of Liberty”where the final confrontation with SPECTER takes place.
  • There’s a Bond girl named Justine Lovesit.
  • This reads like a plan just like Dr. Evil…

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    In a 1983 interview with Rolling Stone, Connery described the story of Warhead like this:

    You know those planes that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle? We had SPECTER do that. There was this fantastic fleet of aircraft under the sea – a whole world of things had been brought down there. They were to attack the financial center of the United States through the sewers of New York – which is possible – go straight to Wall Street. They’d have mechanical sharks in the bay and take over the Statue of Liberty, which is quite simpleand have the main troops on Ellis Island.

    Note Connery’s personal assessment of the best possible plan for the invasion of New York.

    More on the subject:

    Why Warhead wasn’t made and Sean Connery returned anyway

    How deeply Connery was involved in script development remains speculation. In any case, Warhead wasn’t filmed and the reason once again has to do with (annoying) paragraphs. In the script there are various parallels to the story of the Eon Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), which was developed at the same time. Both sides accused each other of plagiarism, but Eon was the first to obtain an injunction. Thereupon Connery withdrew from the project.

    Warhead was initially on ice after Connery’s exit, but McClory still got his Bond film with the original 007: without Eon, the two brought the Thunderball adaptation Never Say Never Again to the cinema in 1983, which is still the case today only Bond film that is not part of the official 007 series. However, robo-sharks do not appear in it.

    In the years that followed, McClory tried to manage Warhead with either Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton, as MI6-HQ lists. However, the mechanical sharks remained a script dream.

    Who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig remains a matter of speculation. Bond 26 will not be released in cinemas until 2025 at the earliest.